What did Mario Idol tell in detail?

At the Grand Prix of Mexico City, Pirelli will bring the “middle” three lineups – C2, C3 and C4. The same tires were at the disposal of the teams at the 2019 stage. Italian tire workers consider this combination to be optimal for the Mexican track.
Mario Isola commented: “The track configuration and its high altitude always present interesting challenges and surprises, so the usually unpredictable race leads to different strategy options.

Last time, the Medium and Hard lineups were the main ones in the race. The Soft tires were slipping and pelletizing – the same can be expected over the coming weekend. The key challenge in qualifications is to understand the difference in speed between Soft and Medium.
Mexico City is a historic track that we are happy to return to after a two-year hiatus. The race will take place at the same time of year as two seasons ago, and there have been no significant changes on the track itself, other than a slight change of asphalt before the first corner to clear a bump. However, the machines have changed a lot, so it is difficult to say if the data collected in 2019 will be relevant. ”


Source: formula1.com