What are the most convenient betting strategies in racing?

It is impossible to imagine betting on racing without gambling strategies. Moreover, they are used not only by beginners, but also by experienced players. Races, like other disciplines, have individual characteristics, so it is vital to follow up-to-date information on wages and strategies.

The racing betting strategy: Commandos

It is an interesting and long-term approach. According to this strategy, we will focus and put on the smallest number — teams. Each race has its own leaders and outsiders, and the so-called groups of leaders and outsiders. In order to greater understand the approach, it is necessary to view the statistics of victories for previous years for clarity. As it should be, each season has its own groups of clear leaders.
The essence of the plan is to play on the leaders. If the bid is lost, in the next race we play on our leader again, but we do not increase the amount much in order to recapture the losses. If the coefficient is high then it is not necessary to increase the amount. The team is the leader — one way or another, it can definitely win several times in the season.
You can also play not on one team, but on 3 leaders at once. There is a very high chance that one of them will definitely take first place. If one of the leaders came first, then the other 2 bids were lost. Thus, the approach is long-term, but as an additional source of income it will not be superfluous. Do not forget to read the news and monitor the status of the teams, this can help to make a more correct choice of bids and amounts.

The Dutch betting strategy

It is considered a win-win option. It is used when a certain number of participants in the race have almost equal opportunities but have a large spread in the coefficients.
This approach differs from the others in that wages are placed not on one or two leaders, but just the opposite, on the maximum number of participants. Based on simple logic, it is easier to win using such a system. But even in this case, you need to adhere to certain rules. The whole focus of the strategy is based on calculating the amounts of bids relative to the coefficients, so you can simultaneously play on 10 riders, and at the same time be in the winner if one of these bets wins and 9 lose. The winning amount should cover all the losses of the other 9 wages. The Dutch gambling system makes it possible to bet on several riders at once. This makes the system a win-win. After all, in the end, any rider will still arrive at the finish line first. This gambling approach is based on mathematics. You have to calculate a bid at which the loss of other riders would be blocked. Then, with any winner, you remain a winner.
Due to the fact that many drivers participate in the racing games, the coefficients are very high, this is what makes it possible to earn money. So that at the same time you can put on 5 – 8 pilots, excluding the last, outright outsiders. An important point in this system is the exact calculation of which rider you need to play on.

Choose the best for you

In any case, when choosing a gambling plan, always focus only on your own comfort and convenience. The better it suits you, the more chances you have to win. If you bet on all the racers, you will lose. Your income may not cover the amount of all wages. A successful bid guarantees not only a win in itself, but also a deep satisfaction from your abilities for correct calculation.