What are Alfa Romeo’s expectations of the race?

Frederic Vasseur, Team Leader of Alfa Romeo says: “The upcoming three races in a row will be a real challenge for the team. At the same time, these are three good chances for us to earn points. Mexico City has a peculiar track, where the high altitude will complicate the choice of settings. In the past, strategy has played an important role – you have to do your job well on the track and in the pit lane to maximize your chances. We have finished 11th in the race six times this season – three times more often than anyone else. Hopefully this weekend we will again be in the group of teams competing for points. ”
It’s great for the team to come back in Mexico, this is one of those places where fans become part of the show. Similar sensations arise in Italy, they add great energy during the weekend.
Ahead is a segment of three races in three weeks, three chances to earn points. With each stage, the results are getting denser, the teammates hope this time their efforts will be rewarded. The team is still strong in spirit, they all have one common goal – and so it will be until the last corner of the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi.

Source: automobilsport.com