Advice for novices and professionals in betting on racing

If you want to bet on such a sport, you should learn all the important information about this sport, study the condition of pilots, race reviews, articles and interviews about teams, the shape of vehicles and much more. Where can I play, which bookmaker is trustworthy? There are a huge number of gambling shops on the Internet, so it is difficult to choose one that can provide high-quality service and guarantee us the security of our personal data.

Key factors in racing betting


The weather can be a very important factor, as some drivers feel like a fish in water in rainy conditions.

The bolide factor

The characteristics of some tracks contribute to some cars, making them exceptional winners, while other vehicles have to fight for a place on the podium. Throughout the whole season, and especially after long breaks, teams improve the working abilities of the car – follow the changes and consider this factor when you place bids.

The pilots’ factor

Get acquainted with the past records of the pilots to find out what schemes they used. For example, some drivers perform very well on street tracks, while others feel better on wide tracks. Obviously, you can also expect good results when pilots perform on home soil, gambling on cold-blooded players who avoid mistakes and collisions with other pilots who can let you down.

Types of bets on racing

  • Bets on winning – to anticipate the winner of the game or the winner of the whole season (long-term wages).
  • Bids on the final podium – predict which wheelman would finish the fastest lap and will be on the
    Podium – predict which driver will win in a single lap at the whole event.
  • Pole position winner – predict whether the driver who starts from pole position would win the race.
  • One-to-one bet (pilot versus pilot bets) – predict which of two comparable pilots / constructors will be higher in the race / qualification / end of the season. Let’s trace the example. The coefficient compiler creates a comparison of two drivers whose shape is similar. For bookmakers, both sides of the bid attract an equal amount of money, which will also be reflected in similar coefficients.
  • H3H bids-predict which of the three comparable drivers / constructors would be higher in the standings in the event / qualification / at the end of the season.
  • Bets on the first round – predict which driver will lead after the first round.
  • Bids of the more / less type. For instance: how many cars can be classified as a result? (more / less than 16.5) How many vehicles fail to complete the first lap? (more / less than 0.5), how many cars would crash during the game? (more / less)
  • Exotic bids – bets on events that are not directly related to the results of the race Example: “Might
    a particular player leave the track”?
  • In addition to standard wages, bookmakers try to surpass each other by offering various interesting wages.

For example: qualifications – the time difference for the winner, the safety car on the chassis (yes/no), the best in the free race, the best in the qualifications, the first constructor that the players does not finish the event, the winner’s time, both cars could earn points, head to head, the winning car, the winner’s starting position, the first racer who does not finish the race, the winner’s citizenship.

Summarizing the important points

In general, you should take a very positive approach to the gambling offer. Every racing fan can find something for himself. First of all, consider bookmakers who have the opportunity to place live bids. This network is the most exciting form of sports gambling and in many cases the most effective. You should choose only the most prestigious companies.