What is important in racing betting?

The best drivers, advanced design of cars and equipment, iconic and legendary tracks in almost every corner of the world, the maximum speed exceeding 320 km/h, huge crowds of spectators and even hundreds of millions of viewers – it’s all about racing.
Betting on races is a specific type of betting that is suitable only for those who understand this sport. Each bet should be verified as much as possible, and there is practically no right for bettors to make mistakes. Can you even imagine gamble 10000-15000 dollars on a single bet from the market leaders? Yes, it is real with the racing industry. But still some questions exist. Where might you find an advantage over a bookmaker? What should you pay attention to?

Overestimation and underestimation of pole position

The average number of wins of drivers who start from pole position is even 50%. Such knowledge shows how important the pole position is. However, it is more important to evaluate the pole position on a certain track. It is worth remembering that, depending on the features of the track, the percentage chances of winning differ. If we place bets on winning a certain racer, then we should carefully check the percentage probability of winning. Amateur players rarely concentrate on this element, which is one of the main factors for us.
Analysis of historical data is undoubtedly the main element of success

Weather matters

One of the most important criteria, thanks to which you will get a lot. The weather plays a huge role in this sport. It is worth analyzing historical data and checking a thorough weather forecast for this race. First of all, you should focus on how this recer behaves in certain weather conditions. Pilots with little experience may have more problems during bad weather. Every driver prefers a driving style that works perfectly during the rain and when the track is overheated, whether the weather will hold for the entire race, or for example, the rain will start falling only for a few minutes during the race.

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Tires are vital

Every fan of racing knows how important elements are tires. Thanks to numerous values, tires should make races more unpredictable, although the majority of results do not reflect this. WBut still with tires you should focus on several elements: the driving style of certain pilots, stable strategies or the influence of the weather on the performance of tires.

Analytics of the route

Each track is different, so you should make a thorough analysis before placing bets. One may be more winding, the other with straighter sections of the route. The profile of turns is of great importance, because skilled pilots might take advantage of these instantly. No less important information can be obtained by watching the free races and qualifications. The behavior and habits of pilots on this track also affect further success or failure.

Changes, restrictions and technical novelties in the upper

In order to make the races more attractive and unpredictable, new changes are introduced almost every season. Strict restrictions on the amount of fuel, which also affect the strategy of teams. Such changes also bring chances to the players who place bets. Correct conclusions give us an advantage over the bookmaker and thereby increases our profit.
Strategies for the top

After two wins in a row, we bet on another pilot

According to statistics, it is incredibly difficult to win 3 races in a row, so you should think about putting on a different driver. Additionally, after two wins, players usually continue to bet on the same pilot, which is why the odds on the favorite decrease.

The winner of the whole season

We believe that it is better to bet on the “Championship Title” after several races. It is very rare to place bets at the very beginning of the season, given the huge amount of unknown data. When placing money on this type of bet, you can analyze the chances of 3-4 pilots. There are practically no sensations in this sport throughout the entire season.

Bets on constructors

Almost only 2-3 stables have a chance of winning. It is necessary to pay attention first of all to the experience of the co-pilot, which can be of great importance in the end. Just as in the case of bets on winning the whole season, it is also better to bet here after several racing events.

The best lap during qualifying does not decide on the best time in the race

Often, players believe that the driver who had the best lap in the qualifiers will achieve the same results during the race, which is a huge mistake. Statistics do not confirm that there is a high correlation. On average, it is worth accepting that the driver himself reaches 30% of the best time in qualifying and racing. Often, completely different drivers who were considered one of the favorites win, but their result during qualifying was not the best. They are the ones who are under pressure, so they should be more aggressive while driving.

Concluding the most important things

As you can see, only players who spend a lot of time on the analysis every day have a chance to earn money. In the long term, only those bettors who can find real value among the coefficients set by bookmakers without unnecessary emotions win. In racing, we can find such bets that are worth the game and bring unexpected income in the long run. Although many unexpected situations can happen on the tracks, for example, accidents, pit stops are unsuccessful, the car breaks down, which should also be taken into account. It is worth remembering that you can not look at bets from a short perspective of time: 20-50 placed bets are just the beginning.